3-Minutes to Better Technology

The fundamentals: Five characteristics of cloud computing

What does it really mean when people say, “It’s in the cloud.”? In 3-minutes, we unpack the official definition of cloud computing in clear, simple terms, breaking it down into 5 basic characteristics.

Video Series: Curing Cloud Confusion

Part 1: The Fundamentals

Part 2: The Games People Play

Part 3: IaaS

Part 4: PaaS Coming soon.

Part 5: SaaS Coming soon.

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Cloud blogs

Check out our latest thinking on getting the cloud right.

Cloud cost optimization: 10 ways to save

Where can you find cost savings to make your cloud investment deliver on their potential? Learn 10 ways to optimize and save.

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Should all workloads move to the cloud?

In the beginning, the cloud was the ultimate end goal. Times have changed. The right answer is to place workloads where they satisfy business demands.

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Why you need to do complete IT discovery before cloud migrations.

Avoid running into issues during cloud migrations by following a proven method for conducting complete IT discovery.

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Migrating to the cloud.

 Successfully moving your sensitive apps and data to the cloud requires careful planning and execution. It begins with a migration-specific methodology that never fails to deliver.

The Migration Strategy Board is an interactive guide to our cloud migration methodology. Adaptable to any environment, the Migration Strategy Board is organized into the five phases of a  cloud migration project. Move block by block to interact with the board and see different objectives and insights.

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