Start with a migration methodology.

Moving critical data requires careful planning and execution. Our Migration Methodology includes five-phases for executing migrations without business disruptions. The Migration Strategy Board is an interactive illustration of our methodology for data center and cloud migrations.

Phase 1: Initiation
Phase 2: 
Phase 3: Planning
Phase 4: Execution
Phase 5: Close-out

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DiscoveryPlus icon - makes cloud migrations painless

Pain-free cloud migrations.

Migrations require out-and-out IT transparency. Complete IT discovery ensures that you have a 360-degree view of your infrastructure, applications, and their relationships before your migration. Without it, a move to or from the cloud can be risky and uncertain.

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Our migration tools.

To reduce the potential of disruption, we conduct deep scans of your IT assets and create dynamic dependency mappings and visualizations across your applications. Examiner, as we call it, monitors IT operations throughout the migration—even execution. 

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 Cloud Migrations require perspective.

We understand both physical and 
cloud infrastructure.

Migrations require perspective.

After transforming hundreds of data centers, we’ve seen everything there is to see when it comes to migrations. 

We are experts at mitigating risk. 

We know how to identify risk and weigh it against rewards. Each service and application is meticulously examined to ensure that it can be safely migrated without affecting customers and business operations.

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