The hybrid IT balancing act.

Most operating environments are a hybrid mix of owned and operated data centers, public and private cloud, colocation facilities, and edge computing that grew organically over time. They are complex, multiplatform environments.

Complexity can add unnecessary costs, create inefficiencies, and make simple decisions harder. The path forward is an intelligently architected and intentionally designed hybrid IT environment.

By 2022, one-third of new workloads are expected to be on-premises, one-third are expected to be off-premises, and one-third are expected to be in the cloud.*

What is an intentional hybrid IT environment?

An intentional hybrid IT environment creates business value as it delivers IT services to the business and to customers. It strikes the right balance between traditional service delivery models that can include mainframes, AS/400s, AIXs, and x86s and agile delivery models like cloud, containers, and edge computing. It protects existing IT investments whenever appropriate and leverages agile technology when it makes business sense to do so.

7 steps to hybrid IT adoption

Our 7-step process for creating an intentional hybrid IT environment ensures apps are optimally placed where they scale, and the environment can flex and respond to market changes while improving efficiency and containing cost.  Read more /

Why does an intentional hybrid IT environment strike the right balance?

It fundamentally transforms how you deliver IT services, creating business value, enabling innovation, and reaching customers where (and whenever) they gravitate by:

  • Enabling a holistic, flexible, best-of-breed approach to IT service delivery
  • Leveraging cloud services to harness business agility
  • Balancing business needs with the ROI on technology investments
  • Building upon existing infrastructures and operating models
  • Facilitating incremental growth and evolution
  • Avoiding allegiance to any single service provider

Get insight for your hybrid IT strategy.

Hybrid IT Capabilities

 Take a look at how our hybrid IT capabilities might help remove your roadblocks to IT transformation. Our deep experience with multi-platform environments, including mainframe, AS/400s, AIXs, x86s, and cloud, can help you exact maximum business value from IT service delivery. It is all we do and our singular focus.

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