Transform your operating environment with a data center migration.

A data center migration can completely transform an operating environment by optimizing your IT landscape. Start your transformation with a strategy that best suits your organization and positions your enterprise for long-term success.

The framework for creating a proven data center migration plan.

Done well, data center migrations are quiet affairs—with no outages, data losses, or security breaches. It all begins with a migration-specific methodology, a step-by-step data center migration plan that never fails to deliver on budget and on schedule.

Types of migrations we do.

Hybrid IT

Leverage current IT
assets and intentionally shape your hybrid IT landscape.

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Move applications, systems, and infrastructure to the public, private, or hybrid cloud.

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Data Center Consolidation

Reduce the number of physical data centers and/or IT assets to achieve significant cost savings.

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Colocation and Relocation

Move infrastructure from one location to another with careful planning, design, and site selection.

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Data center migration solutions and outcomes.


  • Infrastructure and app discovery
  • Migration optimization, planning, and analysis
  • Migration execution (cloud, colo, on /off premise)
  • Merger and acquisitions integration


  • 360-view of IT landscape
  • Uninterrupted focus on daily operations
  • Reduced risk via specialized migration tool suite
  • Transferred knowledge from SMEs to staff
Success stories.
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Technical expertise.

 All of our people, processes, tools, and methodology are purposed to help organizations reap the business benefits of a data center migration. Our subject matter experts have executed hundreds of migrations with expertise across a range of disciplines and technologies. 

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Business as usual is a sign of a successful project, and this migration allowed us to operate as such. There were no impacts to customers or employees throughout… We could not have done it without David-Kenneth Group and the hard work of their team.”
Financial Institution Executive
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Execute your migration with a proven methodology and a team experienced in highly-complex, large-scale, mission-critical projects.


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Learning Center

What is a data center migration?
A data center migration is the systematic move of a source data center(s) (existing) to the target data center(s) (new). It is likely the most complex IT project an enterprise will undertake because it touches every system within the data center, including compute, network, and storage. 
What is the major risk associated with a data center migration?
The major risk is an operational outage where all or some mission critical applications or services are unavailable to internal clients or external customers for a period of time.  The outage can result in loss of revenue, productivity, and reputation. Improper planning is the number one source of risk according to Gartner.
What is the major cost associated with a data center migration?

There are six primary cost drivers of a data center migration project: 

  1. Size and scale of your IT infrastructure 
  2. Staff/Vendor experience (including unique technical skill sets, e.g., mainframe, AS400, AIX, DBA, Cloud, etc.)
  3. Hardware, software and facility costs 
  4. Degree of transformation and modernization 
  5. Timeline 
  6. An organization’s acceptable level of risk  

 Every organization has unique business dynamics and requirements that drive up or down the cost of a data center migration.  However, generally speaking the costs are categorized into the afore mentioned five drivers.