A balanced work/life culture.

David-Kenneth Group was founded over a decade ago as a virtual organization on this simple premise: Happy employees are more creative, collaborative, and productive. Our balanced work-life culture is intentional and allows us to source best-in-class talent without regard to geographic location. Our approach has proven profitable and successful. Today, we are one of the top five go-to organizations recommended by analyst for data center migration services.

  • 100% remote
  • Great work-life balance
  • Staying connected
  • Team activities
  • Flextime reward program
David Kenneth Group has given me the flexibility to manage my career and my personal life by offering a flexible schedule and the opportunity to advance my career without compromising my family or my ability to grow professionally.”
Mike Bergen
Senior Network Architect
David-Kenneth Group

Staying Connected

At David-Kenneth Group a typical day might begin at your home office, at a client site, or at a coffee shop.  Our technology allows you to always stay connected wherever you are:

  • Collaborative platforms
  • Video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Email and phone

You’ll always feel a part of the team.

We minimize unnecessary travel. But, when you are scheduled onsite with a client, it is likely that the whole project team will be on site together. The result is productive, face-to-face interactions that build comradery.

We build a sense of team with quarterly all-hands-on-deck calls and bi-annual meet-ups. Annually, our top performers are treated to an all-expenses-paid weekend that recognizes their extraordinary contributions to the team's success.

David-Kenneth Group’s 2016 top performers spent a fun filled weekend in Washington, DC this December.


David-Kenneth Group also offers a flextime reward program. This reward program allows employees to take paid time off for sick leave, vacation, or personal time.  This system allows us to reward employees for hard work and their continued dedication to David-Kenneth Group.