Best practices for project team dynamics.

A cloud and data center migration project have broad impact across an organization, and careful consideration should be given to how the project team is structured and how it interacts with the rest of the organization.   

The Team Interaction Diagram

The team interaction diagram illustrates how these groups should be structured and interact with the other. By bringing together key stakeholders that represent both the technical and business sides of the organization, it creates transparency across the organization and builds confidence in the project.    

David-Kenneth Group recommends a cloud and data center migration project team include 3 groups:

  1. The core team
  2. The technical subject matter experts
  3. The business organization 


  • The core team should provide continuity for the project keeping it on schedule and on budget.  They need experience with cloud and data center migrations.
  • The technical subject matter experts are essential for developing the migration strategy.  They may or may not need to be dedicated full-time to the project.
  • The business organization, especially key stakeholders, must be involved from the get go and until the project is complete. Their key role is to help identify risks associated with migrating mission critical systems and help resolve business issues that will surface.

Some resources for a cloud and data center migration project must be in-house; others can be external resources. Some are full-time; some are not.  But when organized properly, their roles and responsibilities, working in tandem, create striking results for the organization. 

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