Grow your business by partnering with us.

Our partner program for colocation service providers is built around strong relationships and a common goal to provide outstanding service delivery. By referring your colocation clients to us for data center and cloud migration projects, you have the opportunity to grow your business while also providing your clients with the services they need to succeed. 

Partner Benefits

David-Kenneth Group strives to deliver value and drive collaboration with our partners. When you choose to partner with us, you get a team of seasoned professionals to assist in all aspects of sales enablement, from lead sharing, prospecting, pre-sales support, solutions, and post-sales support. Some of the key partner program benefits are:

  • An opportunity to expand your sales portfolio with services from one of the top five migration services firms recognized by industry analysts.
  • Joint sales and marketing efforts to highlight new and expanded services.
  • Pre-sales support to guide you and your clients through the sales cycle.
  • Increase services revenue (reseller) or receive outstanding referral commissions (referral partners and agents).
  • Co-branded marketing material, sales battle cards, training and education sessions, and customized deal qualification questionnaires. 
  • Access to our case studies, white papers, video library, and private migration tool demos (Examiner).

When to use our services.

Our migration services can be applied to a variety of scenarios. All migration services—data center, cloud and hybrid—include IT discovery and are powered by our auto-discovery tool, Examiner. Use our services for:

  • Hybrid (colo, cloud, edge, and on-premises)
  • Data center consolidation (data center reduction)
  • On-premises to colocation
  • Colocation to colocation
  • Public cloud migration (AWS, Azure)
  • Private cloud migration
  • Private hosted cloud migration
  • Reverse cloud migration (un-cloud/de-cloud)

Bring strategic value to your clients.

By partnering with David-Kenneth Group, you are introducing your clients to an industry leader in data center and cloud migration services providing strategic value in these areas:

Proven Migration Methodology

Industry recognized, phased approach to planning and executing all types of migration projects.

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Flawless Record of Performance 

Zero operational disruptions over 100’s of migrations—100% on time and on budget.

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Unique Tools & Technology

An integrated discovery and migration management tool suite for IT assets as well as application discovery.

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tools /

Experienced and Certified Team

Certified team members with proven migration experience and expertise in areas such as servers, cloud, storage, network, and virtualization.

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Vendor Independent

Unbiased and objective solutions with no sales quota or third-party hardware or software vendor commitments - 100% aligned with client’s objectives.

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Transformational Solutions

Senior architectural talent provide the perspective required to transform complex IT landscapes for hybrid IT, modernizations, and disaster recovery. 

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Referral Program

This program provides companies (partners) or individuals (agents) with financial incentives to refer deals to David-Kenneth Group. Our referral commissions are substantial. Contact our partner team to start the process. 

Reseller Program

This program provides organizations with the ability to resell our services to their clients. Integrating our services into your portfolio is a quick way to differentiate you from your competitors while growing revenue at the same time.

Frequently asked partner program questions:

When should I register a lead?

It’s never too early to register a lead. You can register a lead with us even before you close a contract or other type of IT infrastructure deal. Benefits of doing so:

  • Differentiate yourselves from the competition by bringing David-Kenneth Group to the table during your pre-sales discussions. We’ll put the client at ease about the risks of migrating.
  • Migration planning can take place in parallel with the colocation contract pursuit, which means your client can migrate shortly after the colocation contract is finalized, instead of waiting months.
  • If your organization doesn’t win the colocation contract, you will still receive the full referral commission.
How do I know if my company has an agreement in place with David-Kenneth Group?
You can check with your company's channel/partner manager or contact our partner team.
What geographies do you provide services to?
Our services are delivered globally. We are not limited by location.
Does David-Kenneth Group execute physical moves only (forklift)?

As a professional services and consulting firm, we do not offer this as a standalone service, but it may be part of a larger migration project. In these cases, to ensure your client is fully migrated, we have a number of partners who specialize in physical moves.

What does your referral compensation structure look like?

Please refer to your partner or agent agreement for this information, or contact our partner team