Our Focus

We help organizations forge change with one singular focus: data center transformations.

We never settle for anything less than excellence, helping our clients achieve significant business benefits from data center transformations. Everything in our organization — our people, processes, tools and methodology — is purposed to help our clients achieve business results. Our vendor independent posture enables us to focus on meeting our clients' objectives and positioning them for success.

Here’s what I know… Building something that will outlast your own personal efforts requires focus. Focus on people — employees, clients, and vendors. Treat them with respect, always do what you say, and lasting, profitable success for all follows.”
Dave Mathisen
David-Kenneth Group

Our business is grounded on a clear set of values.

Our business is grounded in a clear set of values that is foundational to who we are and how we conduct business.

We believe that “what goes around comes around ” is more than just a saying. At David-Kenneth Group, we believe it's a universal law. Like the law of gravity, every action we take as individuals, and as a business, has a predictable consequence. 

Our values drive decision making in the board room and the server room. Every employee and every decision is measured by its potential to positively impact client success. Without happy clients, we don't exist. Period. 

As we live out our values in the marketplace, we produce predictable, positive results that benefit our clients and, ultimately, their success. 

It is the right way to do business. It reflects on our good name.  And, our name means something to us.

Mission and Values

  • Respect for one another
  • Integrity
  • Clients come first
  • Conduct above reproach