Configuration management and auto-discovery

Fundamentally transforming how your organization delivers IT services requires a complete understanding of your IT operations—its assets, software, and dependencies.

Examiner offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities, including infrastructure and application discovery, dependency mapping, CMDB, visualizations, and reporting. It is an integrated solution with data gathering, sharing, and monitoring capabilities.

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A 360° view of your environment

Use Examiner to explore your systems from an application or server viewpoint to better understand the undocumented dependencies. It can also update your CMDB and continuously monitor your environment for changes.

Unlike traditional CMDBs, Examiner has a proprietary schema that stores migration and transformation-centric configuration items' (CI) attributes and properties, providing access to decision-support data right from the start. It offers access, insight, and control over your data and your IT operations.

Examiner at-a-glance

  • Agentless auto-discovery that uncovers assets, software, and dependencies
  • Single repository of truth that houses technical, business, and migration planning data
  • Real-time runbook and migration dashboards that visualize cutover events in real time
  • Bidirectional and integrates with CMDBs like ServiceNow
  • Dynamic visualizations of simple and complex relationships and communications flows
Get a guided tour of Examiner
Learn how Examiner streamlines auto-discovery, data center migration management, and disaster recovery event management.

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Mobile Dashboard

Real-time event tracking and summary views

Mobile Dashboard tracks the real-time system status of events during a data center and/or cloud migration. For project stakeholders, it provides a graphical dashboard and the ability to drill down to greater detail. For the project manager and migration team, it provides a template for auto-generating and customizing migration run books as well as an operational view for managing the step-by-step migration plan during the migration event.

Mobile Dashboard provides summary views at-a-glance and access to a more detailed view of data by milestone, server, application, issue, individual task assignments, and various other cuts of data germane to stakeholder needs.

Real-time disaster recovery management 

Be in control of an IT disaster recovery exercise or event with real-time recovery insights on desktop, mobile, or NOC. Examiner interprets run books, manages the inter-dependencies, and reports on real-time recovery progress and statistics. It improves communication and an organization’s grip on recovery management for subject matter experts, IT services, business processes, applications, platforms, databases, middleware, and other IT landscape components.

Mobile Dashboard Overview Video (02:17)