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Technical Specs     |     Business Use Cases

Technical Specs


Agentless discovery of endpoints, servers, storage and network devices, plus virtual machines and installed applications and components (e.g. databases, web servers, APIs etc.)
Public/Private cloud services discovery (e.g. On-premise, AWS, Azure)
Master IT Asset List (physical and virtual)
ServiceNow integration
Post Discovery ITAM solution
CMDB gap identification1 
Installed software list with usage information
Application dependency discovery and business service mappings  
Relationship & dependency mapping visualizations   
Customizable reports & dashboards     
Custom CMDB integration    
Schedule auto-discovery to run as needed    
Capture non-discoverable business data through questionnaires and interviews    
Data center floor and rack diagrams    
Remediation of Ghost Assets     

1 Optional service that compares discovered data to CMDB

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Business Use Cases

Clearly identify all IT assets
Identify existing asset gaps and enhance CMDB reconciliation
Merger and acquisition due diligence
Compliance purposes
Physical and logical IT footprint
Seed new CMDB
Cloud Strategy
Controlling shadow IT
Server, storage or network hardware refresh

Deploying new technology   
Moving workloads to the cloud  
Migration of Workloads  
Data center/IT infrastructure assessment  
Identifying and removing unused software  
Identifying legacy operating systems that need upgrading
Provide a centralized view of software licensing
Data center migration or consolidation    
Cloud strategy and migration

Reverse cloud migration    
Hybrid IT Strategy

ITAM Implementation    
CMDB gap analysis and remediation

I/O planning and roadmap    

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