Complete IT transparency.

Transformation requires complete transparency. DiscoveryPlus™ combines auto-discovery and human intelligence to uncover what lies beneath the surface of your IT operations, resulting in a 360-degree view of your IT landscape, application portfolio, and its relationships.

Discover the story of your business.

DiscoveryPlus tells the "story of you" down to the component and application level. By combining auto-discovery and human intelligence, critical business-IT alignment can be realized and technology investments maximized, accelerating your path toward transformation.

Whether you are planning on deploying new technology, rightsizing your hybrid IT environment, or migrating to the cloud, or if you just need to get a handle on your IT assets, different business needs require different levels of IT discovery. We offer three primary levels of DiscoveryPlus, based on your project needs.

Auto-Discovery is a software package plus the services to deploy and configure.

Auto-discovery includes a basic scan of your IT infrastructure and cloud environments. Our agentless auto-discovery tool is set up, configured, and managed by our team of IT discovery experts.

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IT Relational Discovery uncovers the dependencies between assets and maps them visually.

Relational Discovery leverages Examiner for deeper scans to create dynamic dependency mappings and visualizations across applications, IT assets, and services.

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Enterprise Discovery combines auto-discovery, relational discovery, and adds human discovery and site audits which are manual processes.  This is the most complete way to discover IT assets such as servers, storage, networks, cloud, etc.

Enterprise Discovery expands the data collection beyond Auto- and Relational Discovery to collect business requirements. It closes critical gaps through discovery of undocumented data points such as service windows, SLAs, and planned upgrades.

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