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We are ready to help you create or optimize your hybrid IT environment. Gartner found that 66% of leaders have plans for digital business transformation but only 11% have achieved it at scale.1

Our process balances existing infrastructure and cloud in such a way that it works together, helping IT organizations drive digital business value at scale.

1Gartner 4 Starting Points for Digital Business Transformation, Kristin Moyer, Don Scheibenreif, 14 June 2018

An important distinction with our process is that it addresses the strengths and weaknesses of your current operating environment and IT investments, allowing each piece to exist where it fits best.
Complete IT Discovery

Complete IT Discovery

The path forward begins with a 360-degree view of your IT infrastructure, applications, and their relationships and dependencies. It combines auto-discovery and human intelligence to uncover what lies beneath the surface of your IT operations. The goal in IT discovery is to create a master asset library that becomes the foundation from which your hybrid IT environment is designed.

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Application Workload Placement

Optimal Application Workload Placement

Identify where your IT assets belong by categorizing applications into logical groupings, followed by an application-by-application assessment. The assessment is a weighted analysis of key decision factors. The goal is to simplify workload placement decision across multiple target environments.

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Select Target Location Provider

Select Target Location(s) & Provider Options

Conduct a capabilities assessment of your current site(s), edge data centers, potential colocation facilities, and cloud providers to support your hybrid environment, business growth, and IT roadmap.

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Design Target Environment

Design Target Environment

Leveraging current designs, create a holistic future-proof design of your Hybrid IT environment by creating high-level and low-level diagrams for network, storage, and compute environments for the target locations.

Migrate Services

Migrate Services

Migrate target workloads at your pace with zero disruptions, using a proven methodology for physical, logical, and other distributed IT infrastructure.

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Optimize for operational readiness

Optimize for operational readiness

Revise and refresh standard operating procedures and governance to support a multi-platform, multi-cloud, and geographically dispersed environment.

Hybrid IT Optimize Infrastructure

Optimize Infrastructure

Establish a long-term strategy for continual optimization and modernization with stop-gap procedures for managing growth, sprawl, and cost overruns.

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Move your hybrid IT transformation forward

Hybrid IT adoption looks beyond the four walls of the data center to find the best solution for the business.

Our Recommendations
  • Gain an understanding of your application relationships and dependencies
  • Position yourself for an increasingly distributed future
  • Keep what works, replace what doesn’t
  • Transition to a mindset of delivering business services vs. IT services
  • View transformation as an ongoing process, not an end state
  • Don’t go it alone
  • Do what is best for the business
  • Leverage cloud when it brings value to your organization
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