Make bold moves to manage disruption and change.

Now is the time to strategically reassess IT operations. Digital capacity has become massively important and will likely continue to accelerate while the need to reduce operating costs has never been more critical.

By shifting to a cloud service provider and/or colocation site you can both reduce costs and enable digital innovation. It is a bold move that keeps one eye on the present and one eye on the future.

The key is to select the right provider, but a lack of standardization in the market creates complexity, making the selection process a challenge.

Digital capacity has become massively important and will likely continue to accelerate, while the need to reduce operating costs has never been more critical.
Cloud Service Provider & Colocation Selection Methodology 

Service providers offer different options with different pricing structures. Our process ensures you select the right provider by matching your technical requirements to potential providers. It includes 3 stages and 13 steps.

Stage 1
Gather Requirements
  • Identify decision drivers
  • Identify risk-avoidance priorities
  • Evaluate the current environment
  • Evaluate the future environment
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Stage 2
Research Service Providers
  • Prioritize selection criteria
  • Select geographic/regional location(s)
  • Prioritize facility service providers meeting criteria
  • Identify facility service providers meeting criteria
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Stage 3
Select Vendor
  • Issue RFP
  • Review responses & create shortlist
  • Site visits (optional)
  • Select service provider
  • Negotiate contract
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Success Stories: Cloud and Colocation Selection

Read how we have helped our clients successfully source their cloud and colocation needs, architected their new environments, and resolved their business and technical challenges, enabling them to successfully relocate their data center operations.

Global business news publication consolidates footprint into colocation facility

Re-architected an active-active solution. Shifted to SAAS & managed services.

Their objective was to select two sites for tier 3 and 4 operations, migrate existing assets, and build-out a robust active-active solution. Their environment needed to be re-architected and subsidiaries consolidated. They planned to shift to SAAS as well as managed services for several IT operations.

David-Kenneth Group guided them through the RFP process, advised them on contractual terms, built-out their WAN circuits, created hardware BOMs, negotiated with vendors and VARs, built-out the facilities, and executed the migrations. All existing issues from their original environment were corrected, and higher SLAs were established.

Regional healthcare provider finds unique colocation solution in expensive market

Client experienced 60+% in recurring savings & $0 in capital expenses. Tenant revenue was an added bonus.

Limited by power and space constraints, they needed to relocate fast. Their initial plan was to buy and build-out a space, but their market was expensive, limiting options.

David-Kenneth Group identified an existing facility outside their initial geographic scope. It was still connected to the Metro-E service, providing essential high-bandwidth, low-latency connection to support imaging. Available with immediate circuit connectivity, it offered recurring price savings over 60% and saved all the customary capital expenditures. The facility sported more space than was needed, allowing a multi-tentant, revenue generating rmodel and sorely needed office space. The overall migration schedule was accelerated by almost a year.

Financial services client relocates and re-architects environment

Ground-up buildout averts $8 million in annual costs.

They sold their headquarters and moved a short distance downtown into new, raw space. To support construction, David-Kenneth Group delivered designs and specifications for all aspects of a high-density environment. We architected a multi-tenant environment, WAN architecture, storage, and compute ahead of schedule and provided millions in cost savings.

Global media, marketing, and communications conglomerate relocates and consolidates

Improved energy consumption 42% and lowered delivery costs for digital services to clients.

To improve efficiencies and costs, they wanted to shift over 100 different independent agencies into 2 standard data centers. David-Kenneth Group helped architect the solution and provide flexible core services that support diverse agencies.

We migrated many of those agencies onto the framework transitioning their systems, operations, and continuity with charge-back policies, essentially delivering a fully managed service to each agency absorbed.

By the numbers

Change can be hard — whether we initiate it to spur innovation or it is thrust upon us. It can significantly impact the future trajectory of an organization one way or the other. In our experience, what determines the difference is focus. Focus produces deep experiences with a proven track record and a process refined to consistently deliver for over a decade.


Assets moved in 12 months.


On-time, on-budget migration record.


Most apps migrated in a single move.


Most servers migrated in a single event.

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Selecting a colocation facility

Colocation is far more than renting space, power, and interconnections. It can support cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid IT strategies, or be architected as a network hub for distributed landscapes. There are multiple use cases for the technology and connections to support it. Which provider is right for your organization?