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Data Center Relocation Image of Prop Airplane

Data Center Relocations move infrastructure from the selected (current) location to a new target or destination location. It only involves two (2) data centers. The receiving data center (target) and the sending data center (origination site).  

The Challenge

You've outgrown your current data center:

  • The power grid is less than desirable, including backup systems.
  • The cooling capabilities are limited.
  • There is no space for expansion.
  • Security isn't sufficient.
  • Redundancy levels are inadequate.

The challenge isn't deciding to move; it's deciding how to move. 

The Solution

Moving a data center is a necessary but potentially risky operation, and most organizations lack the in-house expertise to successfully complete the relocation.  

Once your new facility is located and the design and engineering specs are in process, consider hedging your risk factors with the data center move.  Seek assistance with:

  • Data Center Discovery
  • Data Center Planning
  • Implementation Services
  • Data Center Support

The David-Kenneth Group Difference

Working with your interdisciplinary teams, David Kenneth’s project management expertise can facilitate all the moving parts of your relocation with relative ease. Our repeated successes with data center relocations can replace the fear, hesitation and uncertainty with methodical planning, analysis and communication. We know the devil is in the details.

  • Communication is essential to your overall success. Our communication templates ease this critical piece of the move. 
  • Our exhaustive discovery process ensures efficiency. We retire legacy servers, repurpose where appropriate, and procure new equipment, as needed. Our process is so thorough that we’ve been known to find servers in sealed boxes that have never seen the light of day!
  • Always move from steady state to steady state. A relocation is not the time for improvements!
  • Be sure to conduct a post move audit identifying lessons learned and other valuable insights into your program management culture. They can forecast your performance on other critical IT projects. 

Our track record with previous engagements is proof positive. They represent our most important difference.

Discuss your Data Center Relocation questions at no cost with a David-Kenneth consultant: