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Migration Strategy Board

A Data Center Migration Plan Visualized

A successful data center migration can completely transform an organization’s overall operating environment yielding significant, lasting benefits.

Data Center Migration Strategy Board Image

The Migration Strategy Board is designed to help organizations understand how to develop a data center migration strategy. It is a simple rendering of David-Kenneth Group’s tested and proven data center migration methodology.

The board is organized into the 5 phases of our methodology:

Data Center Migration Phases
The Migration Strategy Board moves you through the steps of each phase, block by block. Each block includes objectives, deliverables, tools, and action items. It includes a baseline of over 80 deliverables and a migration toolbox with over 15 proprietary tools. 
Data Center Migration Strategy Board Block showing various components of this step
A methodology specific to data center migrations helps ensure operational stability, business continuity, and savings. David-Kenneth Group’s data center migration methodology has an on time and on budget delivery record 100% of the time.

Strategic planning is most skillfully conducted when the next step is anticipated.


To learn more, download a copy of the Migration Strategy Board.