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Data Center Migration

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Data center migration is a general, overarching term describing the process of moving IT systems, facilities infrastructure, and operational activities from an existing location to a new target location.

In today’s market place, data center migrations are frequently referred to as consolidating, transitioning, or relocating data center operations. Are there significant differences or just semantics?

The ability to differentiate between the various types of data center moves is fundamental to understanding what you are trying to accomplish. 

Why does it matter?

This may seem pedantic, but we've seen organizations spend millions with no results -- all because their mission lacked focus.  

It facilitates a more intelligent conversation within an organization, its stakeholders, executive sponsors and vendors. As such, it brings your mission into focus.

Without focus, an organization can’t identify goals, objectives, potential roadblocks and needed resources.

Take a look: 

Data Center Migration Types

Data Center Consolidation

Data Center Consolidations reduce the number of physical data centers and/or the number of servers being used by either decommissioning legacy servers, repurposing servers and/or the reduction in servers via virtualization. 
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Data Center Relocation

Data Center Relocations move infrastructure from their current location to a new location. It involves only 2 data centers: the sending data center (current location) and the receiving data center (new location).      
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How to ensure a successful migration regardless of type?

At the foundation of every successful data center migration, there is a specific and repeatable process.  David-Kenneth Group's methodology is that foundation.  It's what we use in developing our migration plans.  Across hundreds of data center migrations the results speak for themselves:

Data Center Migration Strategy Board Image

  • 100% on-schedule
  • 100% on-budget    
  • Zero unplanned disruptions

Here's where data center migration planning starts:

  1. Download the summary of the David-Kenneth Group methodology
  2. Download the Migration Strategy Board

If you are an IT executive or member of an evalution team exploring your data center migration options then we recommend:

Free Consultations with Subject Matter Experts

You can pick-up phone or email us and request a no-fee consultation with our subject matter experts.  We'll arrange for a conference call to discuss the topics you choose. Our rule is to listen and advise.  We don't have sales people so you'll be speaking with actual practioneers-veterans of successful projects.