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IT Disaster Recovery Services

Proven IT DR Methodology

David-Kenneth Group provides comprehensive IT Disaster Recovery (DR) Services from requirement analysis to implementation and maintenance. Our DR professionals are guided by a proven methodology based upon industry best practices.  

Creating Your DR Project Plan

Our DR offerings are designed to offer clients the maximum flexibility in selecting the suite of services they require. Clients can engage David-Kenneth Group to execute a comprehensive DR plan or select a single DR service offering as a discrete engagement.

Regardless, each project leverages our Initiation and Close-out phases to maximize ROI and minimize risk and unplanned interruptions.

The Five DR Towers

David-Kenneth Group's DR Methodology is organized into five DR Towers:

Governance Framework

Developing an IT governance framework that is customized to your IT landscape provides guidance for the ongoing management of DR planning activities.  The objective of the framework is to enable you to implement, manage, and maintain the 

required level of disaster recovery capability and plans in order to satisfy the recovery objectives and requirements of your various business units.

IT DR Tower Icon Requirements Anaysis
Requirement Analysis

Being prepared for IT disaster recovery begins with a business impact analysis and recovery requirement objectives. The business impact analysis evaluates the impact of outages, by balancing time with risks and financial impact, to key business functions and processes to determine the maximum acceptable outage.  The resulting impacts, or risks, from an outage are analyzed to identify and prioritize critical business processes and applications.  The recovery requirement objectives then prioritizes the critical business functions into recovery tiers,

IT DR Tower Icon Assessments and Strategy
Assessment & Strategy

Disaster Recovery Program Maturity Assessment facilitates the review and assessment of the current recovery program relative to the maturity levels set forth in the recovery maturity model.  Potential gaps between the current and optimal recovery management processes based on our maturity model will be identified.  Recommendations for closing such potential gaps will be provided.  

Disaster Recovery Assessment evaluates the current IT disaster recovery capabilities using the current processes and procedures to identify any vulnerabilities that may prevent recovery in the event of a disaster occurrence.  Gaps are identified to establish a recovery time and recovery point objectives and recommend process and technical improvements to help meet these objectives.  

Disaster Recovery Strategy Design helps you evaluate identified alternatives from a set of recovery solutions and select the appropriate one for your environment and business goals.  In addition, we will develop operational cost estimates (for budget and planning purposes) for the annual investment of the alternative recovery solutions.

IT DR Tower Icon Design and Build
Design and Build

Building actionable plans and technical procedures to implement a recovery strategy lessens the effects of an interruption or stress to the business.  The plans include event identification, escalation, recovery execution and management of the event from recovery to a return to normal operations.

A DR transformation design provides customized drawings, technical process specifications, deployment pattern design, an estimated capital and expense budget, ongoing operational cost estimates, implementation project plan and recommended list of equipment for your selected recovery strategy design.

A DR Transformation build offers assistance with modifying, building, and deploying the DR infrastructure and processes across the IT landscape.

IT DR Tower Icon Implement, Exercise, Maintaion

Implement, Exercise & Maintain

For integration and training, we develop a roadmap to manage change to the recovery infrastructure deployments, schedule awareness and exercising training, and integrate the recovery process and plans into the IT Services Continuity Management or Business Continuity Planning Programs.

Recovery Exercises include facilitation of a tabletop exercise that documents observations and recommendations to improve the recovery posture. The results are delivered in a post-exercise summary report.

Maintenance plans and procedures updates the DR plans and technical recovery procedures post DR exercises and establishes a maintenance schedule to review and update DR plans and procedures annually or after major change.


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