Expanding the boundaries of the data center — everywhere

The evolution of digital business is forcing I & O leaders to shift their focus away from hardware and software to a global infrastructure delivery strategy. This year’s focus at Gartner's Infrastructure Operations Cloud Strategy Conference is about fundamentally transforming how you deliver IT services to the business. It involves adopting fast evolving technologies to meet demands driven largely by the market, business, and customers.

David-Kenneth Group's Solution Provider Session

How to Use Hybrid IT Models to Drive Digital Business Value and Balance “Old vs. New”

Tuesday | December 10, 2019
10:30 AM – 11:15 AM | Room Titian 2301A

Enabling the expanding boundaries of the data center, while keeping existing systems running, is like a balancing act on a tight rope. The path forward is a hybrid IT environment that balances the old with the new. This session will review over 7 Hybrid IT models for network and compute; discuss the digital business value these models offer; and share real-world examples of how other organizations found their balance.

How to Use Hybrid IT Models
Zac Cutler

Zac Cutler, Principal Architect

Solution Provider Session Speaker

Zac Cutler is a principal architect for David-Kenneth Group. Zac helps businesses leverage the power of hybrid IT to transform their infrastructure and overcome their most daunting business challenges. His designs and implementation plans have guided our State and Local, Federal, insurance, and finance clients to realize the business benefits of a Hybrid IT landscape. Prior to joining David-Kenneth Group as a consulting architect, he spent over two decades in progressive systems architecture and engineering roles, specializing in virtualization, enterprise storage and networking, and Microsoft servers and services. Zac’s down-to-earth and pragmatic approach to incorporating evolving infrastructure delivery models into our client’s operating environments has earned him respect and accolades from colleagues and clients alike.