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About David-Kenneth Group

About David-Kenneth Group - Data Center Migrations and Disaster Revovery Services

The David-Kenneth Group is a privately held, veteran-owned company whose main offices are in Annapolis, Maryland. Our core competency and singular focus is data center migration and disaster recovery. It’s what we do all day, every day. 

Our data center migration services include data center data center migration strategy workshops, relocations, colocations, consolidations, transitions (transformation), and disaster recovery.  We help organizations determine the strategy that best meets their evolving technical requirements and business goals. A data center migration strategy can include infrastructure optimization, colo and outsourcing selection, or application modernization services; our experts will guide you through the process without interruption to services.

We are experienced in servicing Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies that provide critical services in high stake industries where downtime could equate to loss of life, national headlines, or critical loss in revenue.

Whether your data center strategy requires a simple or complex mix of migration services, all of our people, processes, and methodology are purposed to help organizations achieve the attractive business benefits of a data center migration.

Clients choose David-Kenneth for these reasons:

  • Performance—client references confirm our ability to deliver
  • Lower risk—data center migrations are our singular focus
  • Flexibility—engagements customized to meet client requirements
  • Experience—proven project teams with the technical and interpersonal skills to get the job done

We invite you to get to know David-Kenneth Group better.