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Data Center Consolidation Image of Spring Being Compressed

Data Center Consolidations require a reduction in the number of physical data centers and/or the number of servers being used by either decommissioning legacy servers, repurposing servers and/or the reduction in servers via virtualization. 

The Challenge

An analysis of your current infrastructure reveals that you are suffering from server sprawl, high levels of power consumption, redundant licenses and/or maintenance fees. Your analysis may also reveal that you are too geographically dispersed and that your disaster recover plans are disjointed and inconsistent. All problems contribute to:

  1. Higher capital costs
  2. Higher operating costs
  3. Longer response times to service requests
  4. Decreased reliability and increased downtime

The Solution

Consolidation of servers and/or data centers may be what’s required to reduce capital funds and operating costs while improving service delivery. Imagine being able to:

  1. Reduce hardware and operating costs by 50%
  2. Reduce energy costs by as much as 80%
  3. Provision new servers 70% faster
  4. Provide less downtime
  5. Deliver reliability in the event of a disaster recovery scenario

The David-Kenneth Group Difference

No two data center consolidations are alike because no two organizations are alike. But, David-Kenneth’s proven methodology and flexible models can offer the ideal solution for your organization’s consolidation goals. Our best practices make the imaginable a reality for our clients.    

  • Our data center discovery process unearths the obvious -- and not so obvious -- servers in your inventory, thereby reducing licenses and reining in redundant maintenance fees.
  • Our DCM Team Cost Estimator accurately identifies and documents the resources needed for your consolidation.  And, at times, we are able to finish under budget!
  • Our execution services establish a lean and repeatable migration process that finds hidden costs, improves resource efficiencies and reduces your teams' overall burn rate.

We walk the talk and invite you to talk with our clients.  They represent our most important difference. 

Discuss your data center consolidation project at no cost with a David-Kenneth consultant: