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Case Study: Millions Saved on Large and Complex Consolidation

Reduced Costs, Facilities and Complexities

"Thank you for a great run. You and your team have a lot to be proud of. The commitment and experience you brought to the table absolutely contributed to the overall success of our program. It was a pleasure calling David-Kenneth Group our team members."

-Program Director, EDM and Server Virtualization


This client began looking to optimize their data center infrastructure primarily to reduce costs, facilities and complexities, improve energy management, and optimize standards and control. After one year of effort, the internal team had made little progress with a monthly burn rate of over $1 million. They were stuck in discovery and planning, facing a budget deficit in a matter of months. The client decided to re-evaluate their approach. New leadership was appointed and the David-Kenneth Group was engaged to turn around the failing project.


Despite fiscal challenges to the project and reductions in force, David-Kenneth Group and the client partnership yielded impressive results. 

  • Nine sites migrated in 9 months.
  • The monthly project burn rate was reduced by 66%.
  • The project schedule was unaffected, despite 3 reductions in force and accompanying budgetary challenges.
  • An 89.2% reduction in floor space was achieved.
  • Over 700 servers were retired.
  • Millions of dollars were saved in power and cooling.
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars saved in hardware and software maintenance.


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Our client is a provider of systems, products and solutions for aerospace, electronics, information systems and technical services. Their vast global reach extends to government and commercial customers in 25 nations, addressing emerging global security concerns.


  • Reduce costs, facilities, and complexities
  • Improve energy management
  • Optimize standards and control


Global aerospace and defense


United States


65,000 employees