How we hire.

David-Kenneth Group’s interview process is a two-way conversation that helps you get to know us and vice versa. Together, we discover whether the position is a good fit.

Here’s what to expect when you apply.

Step 1:  Introduction

Step 2:  Considering Your Fit

Step 3:  The Conversations

Step 4:  The Offer

Step 5:  Onboarding

Step One:  Your Introduction

Once you apply online for an open position, one of our recruiters may reach out to you by email or through the career portal to offer feedback. If your talent profile seems to sync with key attributes being sought for the position, we will reach out to you for a phone conversation. 


Step Two:  Considering Your Fit

Our recruiting team will discern if we think your skill set and personality are a good fit for the position and culture at David-Kenneth Group. If you remain interested in the opportunity, we will forward your resume for further consideration by the hiring team.


Step Three: The Conversations

We want you to ask questions of us. And, we want to learn how your area of expertise and personal experiences may make you a fit with our team.

Working with you, our recruiter will coordinate a series of interviews. Some of the interviews are conducted via video conference and others are over the phone. Each interaction has a different goal in mind, and our recruiter will walk alongside you throughout the process.


Step Four: The Offer

If you are selected for the position, we extend our offer for your consideration expeditiously.  We often hear from successful, and unsuccessful candidates, that our process is more thorough, transparent, and faster than others in our industry.


Step Five: Onboarding

How you start your journey with David-Kenneth Group sets the tone for your experience with us. Filling out forms and making benefit selections is rarely exciting so we made the process as efficient and painless as possible. We strive to achieve a balance between electronic processing of forms and providing a high-touch personal experience. On day one, we introduce you to the entire team at David-Kenneth Group. Everyone will know your name.

Our hiring process works.

We measure our success by how productive and happy employees are shortly after they begin with us. The results? We are well above industry benchmarks for both the recruitment and retention of elite technology talent.
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