Assessing the business impact.

Common to every data center migration are five building blocks that form the foundation of a data center migration project. Below is a brief introduction to the five building blocks that will be explored in greater detail in this white paper.

The Project Team

A data center migration project team must provide a holistic view of an organization’s data center environment.  The project team should include experts from multiple IT disciplines.  Some resources will require full time engagement while others can matriculate in and out of the project’s life cycle.

Environmental Complexity

A discovery process brings clarity to a complex environment by identifying dependencies and documenting the extent to which those dependencies impact business operations.  The complexity of your environment determines how you move what and when.

Migration Methodology

A methodology specific to data center migrations safeguards an organization against operational disruptions.  It strikes a healthy balance between overbearing processes and the appropriate amount of rigor needed to produce an on-time, on budget migration.  It both guides and protects the organization.


Risks are a fact of life in a data center migration project.  A successful migration is not the absence of risks but the ability to navigate through them without disruption of services.  The level of risk an organization can absorb is determined by their business constraints.  Identifying risks as it relates to business cycles is also critical in determining the complexity of the move and the timeline. 


The timeline is an output of your efforts to build team dynamics, manage the complexity of your environment, guide your process with a methodology, and balance your risks.  At the end of the day, the data center migration timeline must make sense for both business considerations and technical requirements. 

Overview: The Five Building Blocks

Each of these five building blocks fit with the others to form the foundation of a successful data center migration project.  The details that follow describe the importance of each building block for a data center migration project.  Data center decision makers can use the information to assess their potential impact on business operations.

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