Managing risk and ending well.

During the planning phase of a data center migration, it is all about balancing risk and reward. During the execution phase, it is all about managing risks. How you manage those risks is the difference between success and failure. When the plan doesn’t go as planned, triggering contingencies and maintaining control can make all the difference.

When the migration project is fully executed, the close-out phase can be just as risky — particularly those that are not carefully planned and executed. Businesses must approach the closeout phase with the same measure of import dedicated to the migration itself. Often seen as just a cleanup operation, if left unresolved, close-out is a potential land mine of hidden risks and expenses.

This white paper offers best practice for managing risk while executing a data center migration and how to properly manage closeout to protect your cost savings and return on your investment.

Key Challenges

  • What three questions should be answered before a go/no-go decision is made?
  • How do you resolve problems that arise during migration without impacting the entire project team?
  • How do you “hedge your bets” against errors and performance issues in a post migration environment?
  • If not carefully planned, the details involved in close-out can catch an organization unprepared, especially after executing the rigors of a migration.


  • Conduct sufficient pre-migration testing to baseline performance to find errors in the system before migration and to later quantify the positive impact on performance post migration.
  • Keep your backups physically separate from their counterparts to avoid the possibility of both being destroyed in a single event.
  • Assign a project manager to oversee the details of close-out including decommissioning assets and the space, updating contracts and SLA agreements.
  • Continue to manage stakeholder relationships. There will be changes and new agreements as your infrastructure has just undergone a fundamental change.

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For a deeper understanding of our methodology for executing and closing out a migration, download the white paper.