How to mitigate risk and inflated costs.

Organizations struggle most with the discovery process during a migration project. Many are unsure about what data is important to collect. Get discovery wrong and one of two things happen: service outages or analysis paralysis.

Our methodology for discovery involves 8 well-defined steps with processes intended to help an organization walk the perfect balance that mitigates both risk and inflated cost.

Key Challenges

  • Organic growth and change often out-pace existing documentation making CMDB/CMS data bases, diagrams, facility documentations, and contracts inaccurate and incomplete.
  • If you document too little, your migration risks increase as do operational disruptions. If you document too much, you risk budget and schedule overruns.
  • Culling out the hidden exceptions or special situations not identified by automated discovery tools by meeting face-to-face with server application owners who know their systems best.


  • As an organization progresses through the discovery process, the layers of information gathered from one step to the next should become less quantitative and more qualitative.
  • Consolidation of current inventory leads to the discovery of hidden costs and reduces the scope of the migration, saving time and money.
  • Now is the time to either dust off your business impact analysis and disaster recovery plans, or if obsolete, begin crafting new ones.

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