Six key objectives to initiate a migration project.

This white paper describes how to begin planning for a data center migration. It focuses on the first of 5 phases of our data center migration methodology.  The initiation phase launches the planning process of a data center migration — helping organizations create a business case, an initial plan, schedule, and budget to kick-off the project.

Develop the Business Case

The initiation phase launches the beginning of an organization’s data center migration (DCM) and an internal dialogue about the following:

  • Your business case
  • Your approach and solution
  • A project charter
  • A migration methodology
  • A project plan and schedule
  • Kick-off

Identifying a business case for a migration forces an organization to address the corporate reality of this once in a lifetime project.  It encourages institutional buy-in, a key requirement when budgets, resources and people are stretched and political pressures mount.  A well-crafted business case identifies the risks of executing a migration and the risks of doing nothing. It facilitates ownership of the process by all stakeholders and justifies the timing or its delay.  It translates the conceptual return on investment into quantifiable dollars.

These first steps define why an organization is initiating a data center migration.

Select Approach & Solution

Data center migrations are complex political and technical endeavors internally and externally with stakeholders, executive sponsors, and vendors.  Strategic to your success are intelligent and intentional conversations about—

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