Best practices for every migration.

A data center migration project is not a cure-all for operational challenges; it exposes the project to unnecessary risks, despite the good intentions. These seven guiding principles can help your organization stay the course and avoid the distractions that can lead to disappointing results or migration failure.

Key Challenges

  • Perfection kills migration progress. All too often organizations attempt to achieve IT perfection rather than solving 90% of the problems driving the migration.
  • Operational dysfunction is not cured by a migration; it often compounds the challenges. A root cause analysis will expose the pain points that should be addressed either before or after the migration.
  • There are an infinite number of improvements that can be made to an environment, many of which may have been deferred over a period of time. These improvements can easily “slip” into the scope of a migration project and threaten the success of the project.


  • Avoid environmental changes during a data center migration project as they increase risk factors by order of magnitude.
  • Define clearly for your vendors the scope of the project and deliverables up front, covering just one phase of the project at a time.
  • Review high-level and low-level design recommendations at the beginning of a project to avoid costly, future corrective actions.

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