The Days of the Traditional Data Center are Waning.

Centers of Data are Emerging as Global Providers of Business Services.

The evolution of the data center requires a mindset change in how IT views its role, shifting from a posture of support for the business to one that enables it, looking beyond the 4 walls of the data center to rapidly deploy business services and workloads.

There are no compromises here -- moving toward an enabling digital future does not negate IT's traditional role of protecting the business, rather it changes the focus away from maintaining the old to embracing the new. The data center as you know it is dead, but IT infrastructure will be everywhere.“
Infrastructure is Everywhere: The Evolution of Data Centers
Gartner, David Cappuccio, Bob Gill, 18 July 2019
Gartner Report: Evolution of Data Centers
This complimentary Gartner research provides analysis on the evolutionary changes taking place, how we got here, and how I & O leaders should respond.
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