Reimagine the data center. 

The role of the traditional data center is evolving. Digitalization requires a reimagining of the data center. For I&O leaders, it necessitates a visionary approach to technology leadership and a decisive strategy for data center transformation.

This complimentary Gartner report explores key factors which we believe are driving the evolutionary shift to distributed digital infrastructure and provides recommendations for meeting the challenge, including:

  • Prioritizing workload placement
  • Building an ecosystem of visionary partners 
  • Emphasizing distributed digital infrastructure management 
  • Investing in IT talent management and retraining
Data Center is Dead, Digital Infrastructures Emerge
I&O leaders must focus on enabling rapid deployment of business services and deploying workloads to the right locations, for the right reasons, at the right price."
The Data Center Is Dead, and Digital Infrastructures Emerge
Gartner, David Cappuccio, 13 April 2018
How will you respond to these radical changes in IT?

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