Special Report: How to assess a migration's impact on business operations.

Common to every data center migration project are five building blocks. Each fits with the others to form the foundation of a successful data center migration project. How your organization's business dynamics and requirements fit these building blocks together determines their impact on business operations.

Gain insight on data center migrations with articles on:

  • The five building blocks that form the foundation of a successful data center migration project
  • Gartner's Nine Best Practices in Migrating Equipment from one Data Center to Another
  • Best practices for minimizing a migration’s impact on business operations
  • The migration matrix that helps identify the move type, i.e., cloud, swing, V2V, physical, that best suits business requirements and needs.

Key recommendations:

  • Not all resources for a data center migration project must originate in-house, but there are 4 in-house resources whose availability is necessary.
  • During discovery, mapping the layers of an operating environment helps provide insight into its complexities and avoid operational disruptions.
  • To minimize the impact on operational activities, prioritize the migration order of move groups by examining technical constraints, cost, and complexity.
  • Employ a methodology that is migration specific to avoid overbearing processes while maintaining the appropriate amount of rigor needed to produce an on-time, on-budget migration.
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