$8 million averted in annual costs.

With $27B in assets under management this financial services organization relocated their data center operations, staff and infrastructure to a newly purchased facility with wholly upgraded infrastructure avoiding $8 million in recurring annual costs.

Business as usual is the sign of a successful project, and this migration allowed us to operate as such. There were no impacts to customers or employees throughout...”
Chief Executive Officer

Results Post Data Center Relocation

Their data center performance dramatically improved and positioned them for significant business growth and acquisitions for the next 5-10 years. They achieved

  • $8 million in averted annual costs
  • 100% more data storage power 
  • 500% faster network infrastructure with the latest technology standards 
  • 28% to 40% increase in performance for key applications 
  • 10% reduction in server population 
  • 50% reduction in mainframe processing times

These results were accomplished with a record setting 12-month uptime rate of 99.99% for the client with zero disruptions to business operations. 

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