The difference is focus.

David-Kenneth Group has helped companies successfully execute transformative change for over a decade.

And let’s face it: change is hard, but rarely optional in today’s business environment. Transformative change, done well, should leave a lasting impact on an organization — its processes, procedures, technology, and most importantly, the people. Done poorly, it can impact an organization’s performance, ability to compete, and the trajectory of its future.

The difference between the two is focus.  Focus produces deep experiences with a proven track record and a process refined to consistently deliver.

The Facts

  • Most number of migrations in a year- 51 sites
  • Most number of assets moved in a year- $220+Billion
  • Most number of data centers closed in a year- 39
  • Largest Move Group- 2,330 servers
  • Largest number of apps migrated in a single move- 800
  • Smallest Move Group- 1 server
  • Largest Single Mainframe- 21,000 MIPS
  • Single Client Mainframe Total- 53,000 MIPS
  • Largest Reduction in Mainframe Processing- 50%
  • Largest Foot Print Reduction- 89.2%
  • Highest Network Acceleration- 500%
  • Most Improved Uptime as a result of services- 99.999%
  • Number of Operational Outages- 0
Without your leadership, guidance, and process maturity, we would not have been able to accomplish what we have accomplished this year. We are very fortunate to have you part of our team and want you to know that we truly value your contribution. You are helping us build the foundation of this company.”
IT Strategic Engineering Senior Manager, Senior Vice President
We help organizations forge change with a singular focus: data center transformations. Our record of success has impacted critical sectors in defense, financial services, banking, health care, retail, manufacturing, and utility industries. We are experienced in servicing high-stakes industries that provide critical services. From large scale and demanding environments where souls are at risk to mid-market organizations where every penny you spend is accounted for and stewardship is a must. Our track record offers peace of mind.

Inveniemus Viam aut Faciemus 

We will find a way, or we will make one.

Our year over year double-digit growth is a direct result of the talent we recruit, tools and technology we utilize, and the methodology we employ that will make your program a success.

We are not learning as we go. We are only tuning our efforts to fit a client’s environment and culture. Our Methodology and approach blends with your organizations process, procedures, and governance. It is not dogmatic. Success begets success and our approach gets you migrating and transforming your infrastructure early and quickly. 

These quick wins build momentum for the project and the confidence of your IT teams, lines of business, and executives. If your program, project, or organization is in need, we will find a way to make it successful.

This statement is attributed to Hannibal, the general of the Carthaginian army in the second century BC, who marched over the Alps with nearly 40 war elephants. Despite difficult terrain, climate, and guerrilla attacks, his crossing was a remarkable military achievement in 15-days emerging against all odds with all the war elephants.

An “Inveniemus Viam” Story: A Security Gap

Older servers running outdated applications and operating systems could not be brought into compliance.  David-Kenneth Group conducted scans up front to identify the problem servers, upgrading and patching where possible. Where simple remediation was not possible and when legacy systems had to be maintained as-is, we redesigned the architecture with appropriate DMZs and other security measures, thus closing the security holes. Through proactive analysis of security, we made the client aware of broad and significant security concerns in their existing environment. Furthermore, we were able to remediate the issues with minimal impact on the cost and schedule.